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Doctor Pierre Dukan – a brief biography about the developer of the Dukan Diet

French doctor Pierre Dukan has over thirty years of research and practice behind him with huge success in France and now the UK, the Dukan Diet has finally come stateside. His research and work with patients led him to develop the Dukan Method or Dukan Diet – an incredible diet and lifestyle plan for losing weight fast and maintaining a weight that is healthy for each individual.
He has written 19 books, selling over 2 million copies and is a renowned doctor and nutritionist.

Interestingly, Pierre Dukan never set out to be a weight loss guru, or even a weight loss doctor. He trained as a neurologist and then specialized in treating paraplegic children. It wasn’t until a patient asked his advice, and followed it with great results that his avid curiosity led Dukan to have interest in nutrition and weight loss.

The patient who Dukan treated for asthma begged the doctor to give him a diet to lose weight. Dukan refused stating that he knew nothing of diets. The patient absolutely insisted on diet advice and finally Dr. Dukan sent him away telling him to eat all the lean meat he wanted, drink tons of water and come back in 5 days. The patient came back in 5 days having lost 10 pounds.

Dukan says “This moment changed the course of my professional life forever.” After that, he gave up neurology and went to study nutrition. Dr. Dukan was upset by the number of diets that focused on weight loss by never on keeping the weight off. He set out to create a plan where people could lose weight and keep the weight off successfully. And with his Dukan Method, that is just what he did.

He also notes that it is important to realize that you have to find the ideal weight that you can maintain. He points out that many people can reach a certain weight but if they can’t maintain that weight, it doesn’t matter. He wants people on his program to get to the lowest healthy weight they can maintain over the long term.

Dr. Dukan is against counting calories and doesn’t think it is in our nature to sacrifice all of the time and limit what we eat so he thinks the Dukan Diet allows you to eat as much as you want of the right things to get to the healthy slim weight you desire.

You can purchase his book DUKAN DIET here. To purchase Dr. Dukan’s recipe book in English – newly released in the U.K. Click The Dukan Diet Recipe Book Here