Dukan Diet 100 Safe Food List

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Dukan Diet 100 Safe Food List

Straight from Pierre Dukan – these are 100 natural foods for good health. During the attack phase when you are consuming all protein, you will of course want to stick to the attack phase menu that you can find in the sidebar. Doktor Pierre Dukan is specific in his instructions that the approved foods are non-negotiable. During the attack phase, you don’t eat the vegetables but can have all of the lean proteins, seafood and poultry that you like. Load up on plenty of herbs to flavor your food during the attack phase and don’t forget the oat bran. Dr. Pierre Dukan in his Dukan Diet cookbook offers up loads of great recipes using only the approved ingredients for your attack phase and the cruise phase. Cheating on the diet will slow your results and is not recommend. That said, here is the Dukan Diet 100 Safe Foods List.

You can eat as much as you want of the following:

Dukan Super Protein Rich Foods

Meal and Offal
1. Beef Steak
2. Fillet of Beef
3. Sirloin Steak
4. Roast Beef
5. Tongue
6. Bresaola – air dried beef
7. Rump Steak
8. Veal chop
9. Veal Escalope
10. Kidney
11. Calf’s liver
12. Pre-cooked sliced chicken and turkey (no fat or rind)
13. Pre-cooked sliced ham slices (no fat or rind)
14. Reduced fat Bacon
15. Rabbit
16. Game including Venison, pheasant, partridge, hare, grouse
17. Dover Sole
18. Bass
19. Fresh Cod
20. Crab/ocean sticks
21. Haddock
22. Dab/lemon sole
23. Grey mullet
24. Hake
25. Herring
26. Mackerel
27. Halibut
28. Monkfish
29. Plaice
30. Pollock/Coley
31. Rainbow trout/salmon trout
32. Salmon
33. Smoked Salmon
34. Sardines
35. Sea Bream
36. Swordfish
37. Skate
38. Tuna
39. Turbot

40. Whiting
41. Fish Roe (cod, salmon, mullet and herring
42. Red Mullet
43. Calamari/Squid
44. Clams
45. Crab
46. Cockles
47. Lobster
48. Mediterranean Prawns
49. Crawfish/crayfish
50. Dublin Bay Prawns
51. Mussels
52. Prawns
53. Scallops
54. Oysters
55. Shrimps
56. Whelks
Poultry and Game
57. Chicken
58. Chicken Liver
59. Poussin
60. Guinea Fowl
61. Ostrich
62. Quail
63. Turkey
64. Pigeon
65. Hen’s Eggs
66. Quail’s Eggs
Non-fat Dairy
67. Non-fat fromage frais
68. Non-fat quark/non-fat yogurt (plain or sugar free)
69. Non-fat cottage cheese
70. Non-fat greek yogurt

71. Skim milk
Vegetable Protein
72. Tofu
Vegetables(Intro as Cruise Phase Foods Only!)
73. Artichoke
74. Asparagus
75. Eggplant
76. Beet root
77. Cabbage – all types including white, red, savoy, cauliflower, Chinese leaves, kohlrabi, kale, brussels sprout and more
78. Broccoli and purple sprouting broccoli
79. Carrot
80. Chicory
81. Celery and celery root
82. Zucchini or Courgette
83. Cucumber
84. Leek
85. Onion
86. Fennel
87. Mushrooms
88. Turnip
89. French beans/string beans
90. Palm Hearts
91. Sweet Peppers
92. Radish
93. Rhubarb
94. Pumpkin and other squash
95. Salad leaves – all types of lettuce including arugula, rocket, watercress, romaine, alfalfa, sorrel, curly endive and more
96. Soy Beans
97. Swede
98. Spinach
99. Swiss chard
100. Tomatoes

The Dukan Diet Food list gives you an idea of good healthy natural foods that you can eat to benefit your health and your weight management. It gives you a realistic sense of what you can eat on the Dukan Diet. If you find it helpful, print out the Dukan Diet 100 Safe Food List to take with you when you are on the go.