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Dr Dukan Diet

Why choose the Dukan Diet? Also called the Dukan regime, the Dukan method and the proteine diet – the Dukan Diet is a sensational new French diet that couples a heavily protein focused regime with a long-term sensible approach to keeping weight off.
Is the Dukan Diet better than other diets?

The answer to this question depends on the person. For those that have struggled to lose weight with other diets and particularly those that have lost weight but had trouble keeping the weight off – the Dukan Diet pays special attention to maintenance of weight loss.

The main reason to do the Dr. Dukan Diet is to mincir as they say in French, to slim or lose weight. For those who want to be at peace with their bodies and get to their healthiest and slimmest weight, the Dukan Diet is a comprehensive method that allows you to eat delicious food and still lose weight.

The method was created by neurologist Dr. Pierre Dukan. He advised a patient-friend to consume all lean protein and water when consulted about losing weight fast. Although the advice was off-the-cuff, the results were successful. Pierre Dukan developed an interest in nutrition at that point and never looked back. For thirty years of practice, he has successfully helped people in France lose weight and get slim.

The Dukan Regime works in four phases – the attack phase, the cruise phase, consolidation and stabilization.

During the attack phase, you maintain a strict proteine diet. Unlike the popular Atkin’s diet, heavy fats, cream and butters are to be avoided. The attack phase menu consists of lean meats, chicken, fish, shrimp, lobster, lean ham and beef as well as herbs. Oat bran is important in each phase of the Dukan Diet and should be taken daily for healthy digestion. You can check out the Dukan Oat Bran pancake recipe on the site or other tasty Dr Dukan Diet menu ideas or regime recipes.

High fat proteins and dairy products must be avoided during the attack phase. Eggs are okay but if cholesterol is a problem for, limit the yolks during the attack phase. Egg whites are a great source of lean protein and should be enjoyed during the attack phase of the dukan regime and throughout the diet. You lose most of the weight during the attack phase. When you have lost most of the weight desired, you move to the cruise phase.

The Dukan Diet Cruise phase allows you to add in a long list of Dukan approved vegetables on alternating days. One day all protein, the next protein and vegetables. Stay in this phase until you have lost all of the weight desired. If you want to lose pounds faster, you should be in the attack phase. During the cruise phase, you should expect to lose about 2 pounds a week, possibly more or less depending on your body. Enjoy experimenting with Dukan Diet Recipes during this phase. Be creative and remember that Dr. Dukan thinks you should eat delicious, tasty, wonderful food even while on this dukan meal plan.

Moving into the consolidation phase is an important phase. Dr. Dukan has a formula for how long you will stay in the consolidation phase based on how many pounds you have lost. If you still want to mincir, or slim – this is not the phase to be in. In this phase, you have achieved the desired weight loss and are here to maintain and work back into a normal lifestyle and eating pattern.

This is a healthy way to lose weight and maintain as Pierre Dukan noticed that most of his patients who had lost weight struggled mostly with that period after weight loss trying to adjust to eating normally. The consolidation phase allows you to add in the foods you love to eat in specified quantities. You are able to eat fruit, bread, pasta, dairy and all of the things you like to eat but must stick with the Dukan Diet rules and guidelines to remain successful in your weight loss. You don’t want to have to start a proteine diet again, do you? No, you want to maintain your slim body for life.

In the final phase or stabilization, Dr. Dukan advises you to eat as you normally do, hopefully in moderation six days a week. On the seventh day (you can choose the day), you must go back to your attack phase protein diet. For the one day, eat only lean protein just as in the first phase of the diet. Remember, you will have learned tons of great Dukan Diet recipes to make tasty and delicious protein recipes so hopefully this won’t be so bad. However, the other days, you can eat as you like and maintain your healthy slim weight.

During the Dukan regime, Pierre Dukan insists on about 25 minutes a day of light exercise like walking. More physical activity is better but a minimum of 25 minutes of walking a day is required and will improve your results.

The doctor also recommends drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated during the Dukan Diet. You must also take the oat bran each day whether you drink it with water, add it to a Dukan recipe that you prepare or make the Dukan Diet pancakes. All of these tips will increase and speed the success of your weight loss on the Dukan Diet.

The main thing most people seem to miss when they start a diet like the Dukan method is sweets and treats. Dr. Dukan has acknowledged this and added some great easy dessert recipes. He offers a vanilla crème recipe, a floating island and you can find a skim vanilla milkshake recipe all on this site. Look under Dukan Diet recipes and you will find a great vanilla shake recipe using just egg whites and sweetener along with other easy, tasty Dr. Dukan recipes. Don’t settle for cardboard fake food when you are dieting. Enjoy real delicious food with a Dukan Diet menu. For tons of great recipes, click on the book to order your copy of the Dukan Diet Recipe book by Pierre Dukan.
Great recipes and variety will make your Dr Dukan Diet a pleasure and weight loss success story!

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