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Eggplant Appetite Suppressant Trick from Dr. Dukan

When you are dieting, especially in the beginning phases of your new diet, you often find yourself hungry and unsatisfied.

Dr. Dukan doesn’t think you should feel hungry but also doesn’t advise stuffing yourself with meaningless calories or even good nutrient dense calories mindlessly.

So, what does he recommend?

Not during the attack phase of course when you must stick to an ALL-PROTEIN all the time diet but in the rest of the diet phases – use this slimming trick.

Eggplants are your new magic appetite suppressant!

Take a large eggplant or aubergine and stick a knife into it in six different places around the surface. Puncture it about 1 cm deep. Push a garlic clove into each slit.

Put the eggplant in the oven at medium high heat. When you hear the skin crackle, and the skin starts to break off – remove the eggplant from the oven. Put it on a plate and cut it in half (like an avocado).

Sprinkle salt and pepper on one half of it and eat the flesh by the spoonful out of the shell. Save the other half for later. Then, you are ready to start your actual meal of lunch or dinner. Your brain will already be receiving messages that you are full and the pectin in the eggplant will assist in making you feel full and helping to burn a few calories in the process.

Delicious and easy trick to help you feel full while on the Dukan Diet! Make sure you eat filling delicious meals. Try cooking your meat, fish and proteins “a la plancha” to get maximum flavor and minimal fat and calories from your Dukan Diet Meals.

Dr. Dukan has also made some Dukan supplements available on his french website. One helpful item he offers is Dukan Regime Stevia. You can buy stevia from the online store or you can purchase it at your local health food store or by clicking
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. To aid in weight loss – there are some interesting diet pill supplements offered for the Dukan method.
One is Devorcal, an appetite suppression aid. Dukan ensures that it is natural and healthy made with apple cider vinegar and pectin. Have any Dukan dieters tried Devorcal? If so, please share your experiences either positive or negative on Devorcel effects on appetite suppression in the comments as we’d love some Devorcal reviews!

Dukan also offers Sugaro – a supplement designed to diminish sugar and sweet cravings. Sugar cravings are a problem for many dieters doing low carb diets. Cellu Massol is another supplement offered for Dukan slimmers. You will also find sweetener products like coconut sweetener, cassis and chocolate sweetener there. If you are looking for the best Dukan oat bran – the site sells that as well. Son D’avoine your oat bran of choice for the diet. The Dukan store is in French but you can find more Dukan supplements, and pills there at Ma Boutique Regime Dukan.

Although Devorcal, Cellumassol and Sugaro may help your Dukan method efforts – the real weight loss comes from your hard work, discipline and sticking with the 100 natural foods for the attack and cruise phases Use the natural eggplant appetite suppression tip offered by the doctor before getting into purchasing supplements.

If you are in the UK buy The Dukan Diet HERE If in the U.S., get the DUKAN DIET here What are some of your appetite suppression tips?