Dukan Recipes A La Plancha

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Dukan Diet Secrets: Cooking A La Plancha

If you are looking for Dukan Diet secrets – this one that the doctor offers for making Dukan Recipes a la plancha is a great one.

A La Plancha means grilled on a metal plate. Cooking a la plancha originated in Spain and this healthy way of cooking is pronounced ah-la-plahn-chah. Dr. Dukan explains that cooking meat or other food a la plancha sears it in a way that other cooking methods do not. It seals in the flavor cooking it all the way through without letting any of the juices and flavor of the meat or fish out.

Like his secret tip for appetite suppression— this one is affordable and not hard to follow and a practical way to make your Dukan Diet easier. As you probably know, the Dukan Diet offers a lot of options in the way of meat, fish, poultry, and protein in general. To check out Dr. Dukan’s list of 72 approved proteins that you can have on your Dukan Diet menu, click 100 foods list

Churrasco a la plancha is an incredibly decadent and delicious steak meal full of flavor that is approved and encouraged during every phase of the Dukan Diet. It is a thick and pretty lean sirloin steak that you simply grill on the plancha – a touch of salt and pepper is all you need and just let the steak speak for itself. What an easy Dukan beef recipe! You can cook all sorts of beef, meat and chicken a la plancha.

Fish is fantastic cooked on the plancha. Dr. Dukan points out that Sea bream a la plancha is a signature dish for Spanish summer cooking and any fleshy white fish would be fantastic cooked this way for your attack phase menu. The doctor suggests making firm diagonal cuts on each side of a fat-free piece of fish and with a touch of salt, a brief grilling session on the plancha will leave you with an incredibly tasty meal.
Grilling meat and cooking fish a la plancha is a lean way to cook. You don’t need oil and fat to make tasty and delicious recipes. Lean cooking is easy, and fast so even if you are constantly on the go – a wholesome meal with meat, chicken or fish thrown on the plancha will satisfy your taste buds, your Dukan Diet and your schedule.

Now, if you are ready for your cruise phase diet, you can really use the plancha to your advantage. Try grilling all sorts of vegetables a la plancha. Eggplants or aubergine, zucchini, onions, beautiful tomatoes, endive – whatever is in season where you are – pumpkin or squash pieces grilled on the plancha would make a divine autumn Dukan recipe.

When grilling vegetables on the plancha, it is advised to put a drop of olive oil on the plancha, wipe it down with a paper towel to leave just the tiniest bit of oil on the plancha and then begin grilling your veggies. You can grill meat and vegetables together a la plancha for a fantastic cruise phase menu feast!

Now, all you have to do is get some approved proteins, get yourself a plancha and enjoy the delicious, low-fat, high protein Dukan approved meal during your Dukan Diet. Click Dukan Diet Book for more details and table of contents of the Dukan Diet Book so you can decide if you want to buy the book, and the cookbook –

Please add your own Dukan recipes and ideas for cooking Dukan Diet menus a la plancha in the comments.