Dukan Diet Attack Phase

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Dr. Dukan Diet Attack Phase Summary

Here is all of the info you need to get started with the Dukan Diet Attack Phase. According to Dr. Pierre Dukan, the attack phase of the diet should go on for between one and ten days. It is most common for people to stay on this phase for 3-7 days but it is up to you to decide how long you should stay in your attack phase menu.

The theory behind the attack phase or protein program is to create a metabolic shock and a psychological trigger so you begin to lose weight right away.

First here is a basic summary of the attack phase. You can find more detail on the Dukan Diet approved proteins meat, fish and seafood choices by clicking Dukan Diet 100 Safe Food List.

Attack Phase Diet Summary

You can eat unlimited amounts of the foods listed below. It’s like a buffet where you can eat all you want.  The key is that the foods on the list you can eat, the foods that aren’t, you cannot.

  1. Lean meats – beef (No ribs or rib eye) and veal grilled or roasted without oil or fat.
  2. Offal – kidneys, liver, beef tongue – tip
  3. All poultry except goose and duck (All without the skin)
  4. All fish – raw or cooked
  5. All shellfish
  6. Low-fat ham (No rind)
  7. Sliced low-fat chicken and pork (No rinds)
  8. Eggs (If you have cholesterol issues at all – eat no more than 3-4 yolks a week and stick to egg whites which are an excellent source of pure protein)
  9. Non-fat dairy products (cottage cheese, yogurt, quark, fromage frais, skim milk etc.)

10.  At least 50 ounces of water (with low salt content)

11.  Oat Bran Galette or 1 ½ Tbsp of oat bran added to a dairy product

12.  At least 20 minutes walking or physical activity daily

13.  Extra stuff: coffee, tea, vinegars, sugar-free flavorings, spices, herbs, pickles, lemons (not lemonade)

14.  In moderation you can have salt and mustard (with no sugar)

15. Dr. Dukan recommends Aspartame and Splenda (I do not – I think they are poison and would recommend stevia as your sweetener in all cases, which is also approved by Doctor Dukan.

That’s it! Don’t eat anything else except these items from the Dukan attack foods list. Focus on these Dukan diet approved protein items and you should be fine. You should be creative with spices, garlic, use shallots, onions, thyme, parsley and vinegars to season liberally.

For attack phase menu recipes, visit Dukan Diet Recipes

If you have more questions about the attack phase food list or the attack phase menu, please feel free to leave comments.