Dukan Diet Shopping List

Dukan Diet Attack Phase Food List

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Pierre Dukan Attack Phase Approved Food List

During the first phase of your Dukan Diet, you will want to have things on hand so you don’t go crazy and eat something you shouldn’t. A Dukan Diet food list can be very helpful in getting started with the diet. The attack phase is the most challenging, so prepare yourself for it mentally and at the grocery. Take this list to get your started at the supermarket. Feel free to add different items or delete some items. The key is to have all lean proteins during the attack phase of the diet. For tons of Dukan approved recipes, check out his book, newly released in the U.K. here: The Dukan Diet Recipe Book

You can use spices and fresh herbs liberally but stay away from oils and anything with fat. Salt should be used sparingly so make sure your flavor comes from spices like those on the Dukan Diet grocery shopping list. Use the attack phase to experiment with spicy combinations and flavors you haven’t tried before. Check out recipes online and look for ways to modify them to be Dukan Diet approved. You will find several great Dukan Diet attack recipes on this site Dukan Diet Recipe Ideas

Dukan Diet Attack Food Shopping List

Oat Bran (You can purchase small quantities of organic bulk oat bran

Lean cut steak (Avoid ribeye. Good lean cuts would be filet mignon, skirt or flank steak)

Chicken or turkey breast (or, If you don’t like to cook – consider getting a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken. Important: look at the ingredients and make sure there are no off-limits ingredients like sugar!!)

Shrimp or crab legs

Frozen White Fish (cod, sole, tilapia all work) leave it to thaw in the fridge overnight before preparing

Ground Turkey or lean ground beef – make meatballs or burgers with herbs and spices

Several packages of thinly sliced deli chicken/turkey meat (Make sure it isn’t honey roasted or prepared in sugar or oils)

3 cans water packed tuna

1 package of Lox or smoked salmon

1 dozen eggs

Non-fat cottage cheese

Not-fat greek yogurt


½ gallon of skim milk

A jar of French mustard (or any low carb mustard)

Pepper (as in salt and pepper, to sprinkle on your food)

Chili Flakes – crushed red pepper flakes

Small amount of curry powder








1 onion

2 Lemons

1 package Stevia or Splenda packets

You can combine these things however you like. Here are a few ideas:

Scrambled egg whites with dill or other fresh herbs

Turkey burgers made with herbs (and you can add egg whites and a bit of oat bran for texture) – make a light dip from the quark or yogurt with a squeeze of lemon juice and spices like dill or coriander

Shrimp and chili pepper flake omelette

Grilled Chicken skewers with a mustard and yogurt spiced dip

Grilled Steak with a rosemary – spice rub

Lox and egg whites

I highly recommend looking into getting pasteurized liquid egg whites. You will find so many uses for these during the attack phase diet. Egg whites are a vital part of the Dukan Diet food list. You can use them for scrambled eggs obviously, you can safely have them raw and add things for flavor like unsweetened chocolate and splenda or stevia, vanilla extract or other sugar free syrups in small quantity for a tasty treat. You should avoid raw egg whites that haven’t been pasteurized as they could have salmonella or other negative bacterial issues. But when pasteurized, they are 100% safe and delicious. They are the best natural source of lean low calorie major protein you can get.Click here now to discover the most complete and bio-available protein in the world!

Make a Dr. Dukan Diet food list for yourself right now so you can begin your diet and lose weight starting tomorrow!

Get started with your Dukan Diet the right way and make your Dukan Diet Attack phase food shopping list!

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