Dukan Diet Recipe Book

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Dukan Diet Recipe Book

Finally – newly released in English in the U.K. – the eagerly anticipated Dukan Diet Recipe Book is here.
If you have been thinking about starting the Dukan Diet or are already working on it, this recipe book will be a welcome addition to your cookbook collection.
Even the most creative chefs need some inspiration and recipe ideas created by Dr. Pierre Dukan and his staff are flavorful and delicious. As you know from other recipes created by the doctor on this very site, most of his recipes are fairly easy and straightforward. If you have the Dukan Diet book already – all you need is the Dukan Diet Cookbook to make your weight loss full of variety and delicious real foods for every phase of the diet. You will find Dukan fish recipes, Dukan chicken recipes, even cakes and Dukan desserts that you can eat during the attack phase! The Pierre Dukan cookbook is a gold mine of tasty recipes and a must have for your slimming menus.

As the doctor points out, just because you are on a diet – doesn’t mean you need to eat bland, fake, tasteless food. The Dukan Diet Recipe book offers tons of tips and Dukan Diet recipe ideas to make your protein dishes sing to keep the diet interesting.

If a diet gets boring and monotonous it is harder to keep with it. If you make a conscious effort to change up your Dukan Diet menu, you will have more success and lose weight faster.
What is the best way to make your diet interesting so you don’t get bored?

Experiment and try new recipes of course! If you have a bunch of great new recipes to try, you will be less likely to succumb to the temptation of foods you shouldn’t eat. The Dukan Diet Cookbook is full of recipes for every stage of the diet. You will find recipes for the attack phase in the Pure Protein section. You will also find loads of delicious protein and vegetable recipes for your cruise phase and beyond. Stay on the wagon and eat delicious exciting food with the new Dukan Diet book. Buy it here —>The Dukan Diet Recipe Book
If you are looking for Dukan Diet approved recipes – there is no better place to start than the Dukan Diet Recipe Book.