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Pierre Dukan on the Importance of Oat Bran with the Dukan Diet

Doctor and nutritionist Pierre Dukan has proven in his work over the last five years that the previously underused
Oat Bran
, is crucial and incredibly beneficial to getting rid of excess weight. Dr. Dukan has found that oat bran has a two-fold benefit. The first is that oat bran makes you feel full and satisfied, so that you eat less. The second benefit Dukan found with oat bran is its effect on intestinal caloric loss. The presence of oat bran in the intestinal mass gives a very modest calorie loss. However, because it can be repeated long-term – this is beneficial. In addition to the slimming benefits oat bran has, Pierre Dukan also notes that it is great for lowering cholesterol.

How much oat bran does Dr. Dukan recommend for each phase of the Dukan Diet?

Phase 1: Attack 1.5 Tbsp/day
Phase 2: Cruise 2 Tbsp/day
Phase 3: Consolidation 2.5 Tbsp/day
Phase 4: Stabilization 3 Tbsp/day

Dr. Pierre Dukan notes that oat bran’s virtues were discovered in the 1980s when an oat bran craze swept the medical community. Doctors and researchers lauded its effectiveness in lowering cholesterol, and its benefits in preventing diabetes by lowering glycemic levels. Others found that it was instrumental in protecting against colon and other cancers as well as beneficial or the digestive track and systems.

In addition to all of this, we now know it has SLIMMING benefits.

Let’s go over how it works:

  1. Makes you feel full

As soon as you ingest oat bran, it soaks up saliva and then in the stomach expands and absorbs up to 25x its volume in liquid making you feel quite full, quickly.

  1. Calorie Loss in the Intestinal Tract

When the oat bran is in transit mixed with everything else in the intestine- it is attacked by gastric juices and stomach acids that turn it into a pulp broken down into elementary chains of fatty acids, glucose and amino acids. The oat bran helps carry out the calorie dense elementary chains out of your body through the stool.

So as Pierre Dukan instructs- make oat bran a part of your daily routine. Want more info about the Dukan Diet? The best source is the book: The Dukan Diet

What is oat bran exactly?

Oat bran is the outer husk of the oat grain. Usually the bran or outer layer of the grain is thrown away. This is actually the healthiest part – it has the most fiber and lots of minerals. When the oat bran is left on, the grain is labeled “whole grain.” With oat bran, the bran is also sold separately, for people like you who want to increase their fiber intake. Oat bran is easy to find in most markets and grocery stores. You can also order it here by clicking on the images:

Oat Bran Pancakes or Oat Bran Galettes – Dukan recommends having these in every phase – they are delicious, easy to make, hearty, healthy, and approved for all of the four phases.

1 egg white

2 Tbsp Fromage Frais or Quark – this isn’t super easy to find in the U.S. If you can’t find it and don’t wish to order it online, try mixing a non-fat yogurt with low-fat cream cheese or smooth cottage cheese.

1.5- 2 tsp Oat Bran

Mix the ingredients. Add more egg white or a touch of skim milk if mixture is too thick. Heat frying pan to medium. Spray non-fat cooking spray on the pan. Spoon mixture onto the pan like a pancake. Flip once to brown both sides evenly. Enjoy!

Follow the above chart to know how much oat bran to incorporate in your Dukan Diet based on which phase you are in.
For loads of Dukan Diet Recipes – check out the Recipe Book created by Dr. Pierre Dukan and newly released in English: The Dukan Diet Recipe Book
Oat bran is not a suggestion on the Dukan Diet – it is a requirement. You will probably find it a bonus as you can enjoy the tasty Dukan Pancakes or Galettes Dukan with sweeteners or a porridge to satisfy your cravings particularly during the attack phase. But make sure you don’t eat more than your allowed oat bran or galettes each day depending on which phase of the diet you are in.

Make sure to get your oat bran intake every day for the best Dukan Diet results!